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Putri Island (Princess Island)

Putri Island a.k.a Princess Island resort is well-known not only to the Indonesian market, but also to the other Asian and European countries. Putri Island offers a truly nature - paradise vacation. Laze on a hammock on a pristine beach while the aroma of sea breeze and fresh flowers waft over you. A truly heavenly experience at Putri Island Resort is located Jakarta, a 1,5 hours speedboat, with exquisite coral formations and crystal clear waters. A vacationer’s paradise, Putri Island Resort guarantees a dream vacation and lasting memories. Whether its relaxation or water sports activity such as diving or simply basking in nature’s wonderful glimmer, this is the resort for you. From the beginning of April till the end of October, Putri Island Resort is YOUR island get away.

Established in 1973, Putri Island has become the pioneer resort in Thousand Island, Indonesi and offer a one of a kind Tunnel Aquarium, also it has a large Swimming Pool, Display Aquarium, Terrarium, Tennis Court, Glass Bottom Boat, Sunset Cruise, etc. Putri Island management always try to maintain and preserve its nature beauty so that visitors can feel what it's like to be "back in nature".

Visitors enjoy spending their holiday or business vacation with friends, relatives, or colleagues in Putri Island because of its nature beauty, facilities, and most importantly the unforgettable experienced they get!


Note-worthy information about Pulau Putri

 alt April to October, clear blue-sky without any risk of rain could interrupt your holiday 
  • For weekends, please reserve one or two weeks in advance
  • For long weekends and public holidays, please reserve 3-4 weeks in advance
  • Weekdays are generally quiet, please reserve 2-3 days in advance
  • If you are ready to reserve a package, please proceed to our reservations section

 Snorkeling, Diving, Cannoeing, Bananaboat and also….Sunset Trip

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