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alt Jakarta
alt 2 islands (Puri Barat and Putri Timur)
alt Resort Island *2012
alt 1,5 hours Speedboat Marina
alt Resort Cottages


About Putri Island

Putri Island Princess is a special resort that is provided as an accommodation to spend leisure time in the Thousand Islands. Princess Island is an island located in the Thousand Islands region.
Island Princess has a special holiday amenities are complete. For those of you who are privileged person then you have to spend Christmas and New Year holiday you on the Island Princess.
Island Princess ships provide to accompany your holiday if you want to spend time around the island. Additionally, if you can not swim, on the Island Princess provided the facility to accompany the giant aquarium visitors who want to see the natural beauty of the island under the sea princess.
When you spend time on the Island Princess then you will be a special figure, full of happiness and comfort and tranquility in thinking.


Nearby island from Putri Island is:


Getting to the island is easy speed boats depart from the Ancol Marina in North Jakarta, at Pier 6 or 9, every day of the week, at 7-10 am. On weekends, the journey takes 1.5 hrs or so, and during the week when traveling on the fast inter island ferry, it usually takes around 2 hours. Every day, a pick up is available from our island at around 2 pm which gets you back to the Marina at about 3:30 on Sundays, or with the inter island ferry, around 4 or 4:30 depending on when you are picked up and how many stops the boat has to make.

If you are chartering the island, or you'd like to charter your own boat with a group of friends or for a special event, please let us know. Our boat partner has a range of boats available for small or larger groups, including with sound systems and flat screen TVs.

For details please contact our Customer Service here.


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