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Based out of the beautiful mountainous region of North Carolina, Feelfree US, LLC is more than just a company offering the most innovative kayaks and accessories on the market today. We are a close knit team of paddlers, anglers and outdoors people with over 50 years of combined industry experience working hard to deliver an outdoor experience like no other. Whether you paddle the farthest reaches of our big blue oceans or enjoy a slow paddle down a lazy river, you can rest assured that we’ve been there too. Add that real-world knowledge to our world class development team, our attention to customer feedback and intense market research and the result is what we refer to as the Feelfree outdoor experience — join us!


It doesn’t take long to notice what sets Feelfree kayaks apart. With unique color combinations and the most innovative standard features, Feelfree kayaks have redefined paddling as we know it today. However, these innovations weren’t developed overnight. The Feelfree product development team, with over 30 years of design and development experience, consistently reviews, refines and evolves each kayak and accessory down to its finest details. The modern evolution of kayak and paddling accessory design has just begun and Feelfree is already taking it to the next level.


From the moment you set your eyes on a Feelfree kayak to it’s maiden voyage, we are confident you will feel a sense of satisfaction that you have made the right choice. Our goal is to make your outdoor experience the best it can be. We’ll be right there with ya!






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Kayak untuk rekreaksi yang menyenangkan untuk berdua. Kayak ini dapat berfungsi tandem untuk eksplorasi, snorkleiing atau memancing atau hanya untuk bersenang-senang bersama keluarga. Dengan panjang hull extra kayak ini cocok untuk dipakai 2 orang dewasa dan 1 extra yang dapat difungsikan untuk mengangkuta 1 anak, atau hewan kesayangan anda bahkan untuk cooler untuk menyimpan ikan hasil tangkapan anda.

Dengan desain Wheel in the keel (roda di ujung), kayak ini dapat dengan mudah dipindahkan dan merupakan investasi yang baik untuk wisata bersama keluarga!


feelfree gemini


Konstruksi  Polyethylene Plastic






 Sit-On-Top Kayak

Model  Gemini - Tandem
Warna Tersedia  Ice Cool, Melon, Tropical dan Filed & Stream
Berat  32 kg 70.5 lbs
Panjang  380 cm 12' 6"
Lebar  83 cm 32.5"
Spesifikasi Pengguna
Berat Pengguna
2 x 125 kg   
 2 x 275 lbs

 250 kg

550 lbs

Informasi Umum

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Stock Avalability

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Term of Payment




Fitur Standar
Unit Feelfree Kayak Gemini
1 unit
Seat Adjustable standard seat
2 unit

 *) tersedia untuk warna dan tipe tertentu

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut mengenai item ini bisa menghubungi Store Manager / Aldi / 0251 8630 391 atau Mobile 0812 8778 4545 ( No SMS)


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