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Titan Kayaks is an athlete based high performance water craft company. That’s our generic pitch anyways. The company was started in early 2009 by athlete and founder Anthony Yap. Since that beginning friends and family have been working tirelessly designing, prototyping, testing and researching to make sure that we bring you what we feel are the best kayak designs on the market.

The motivation for Titan Kayaks grew over the last few years. The kayak industry started to be overwhelmed by large corporate companies, athletes were having a hard time getting their ideas for designs heard and it seemed like the industry was more about making money then it was about the paddlers they were designing for.

Memories of a time in the sport resonated through a few paddlers who could remember when team athletes weren't just paddlers who happened to paddle the same boats but were actually a team, when designs were unique and radical and when those designs were shaped by paddlers themselves. It were these ideas that spawned the creation of Titan Kayaks in an effort to recapture part of the kayak culture that slowly seemed to be fading.

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YANTRA 8'5".



The Yantra is a cruising machine designed with today’s eclectic paddler in mind. With a forgivingly rounded nose and tail the Yantra stays on top of the water whether you’re punching a hole or searching for that crucial back ferry.
It’s semi-flat planning hull center equipped with a new staggered double railed system maintains forgiving side walls while doubling the carving surface area helping you to track easier and carve harder while feeling even more stable and confident on edge.
The narrower hull, lower deck lines and progressive rocker make rolling a breeze, boofing effortless and surfing a dream.


Titans new REACTOR outfitting system takes comfort and functionality to the next level.

The seat shape incorporates 4 pressure pods that angle out to direct your energy and weight directly into the hull and rails of the boat as you lean and edge, making your kayak respond quicker, feel more stable, and all round perform better.

- Easily adjustable seat position

- Strong yet lite Alum-Allow ratchet brackets

- HipFlex System
3-Way 'ratchet,hip pad, backband' system.
Hip pads are mounted on flexible flaps which adjust inwards as the backband is tightened. This helps to hold the paddler in place via three adjustable contact points.

- Easily modifiable Hip Pads
Made from formed foam and a robust elasticized material the paddler can easily adjust their hip pads by simply adding more or less foam into the sleeve behind the hip pad. Extra foam shims are provided in the accessory kit..

- Fully adjustable Thigh Braces
The cupped thigh braces are easily adjusted forward and back to fit your size. Once in place you can then loosen the cupping wedge and move that forward and then back until the thigh brace cups your leg just how you like it.

- 4 x Gear Loop Attatchment Points

- Comfortable, Simple, Solid

Konstruksi  Linear polyethylene






 Creeking, River Running

Model  Yantra
Warna Tersedia  Merah, Kuning, Hijau, Biru dan Orange
Berat 18 kg 39.6 lbs
Panjang 236 cm 7'9"
Lebar 63 cm 24.8"
Volume 265 liter

70 gal

Spesifikasi Pengguna
Berat Pengguna
40 - 80 kg   
88 - 176 lbs

80 kg

176 lbs

Informasi Umum

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Stok Tersedia

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Term of Payment




Fitur Standar
Unit Titan Yantra Kayak
1 unit
Seat Adjustable standard seat
1 unit

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