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The GoPro is awesome. Seriously, the quality of the video and the ability to take a camera places we reluctant to take on SLR camera is priceless. It also makes you a bit more adventurous – it’s like a little buddy sitting on your shoulder urging you to take risks you may not have been willing to take without it.


This article focuses on the popular GoPro HERO 3+ series (Black), but many features are similar on other GoPro models, even the new GoPro 4. The following steps are for first-time users:



Condition the battery: Starting with a fully charged battery, you can “condition” a lithium-ion battery by fully discharging and recharging it for the first 2-3 times. While no longer considered a requirement by GoPro, conditioning the battery is a good practice to maximize battery life.


Memory Card

Use a quality memory card: There are vast quality differences among memory cards. GoPro requires a Class 10 microSD card, sold separately.


A short list of currently recommended cards is available on the GoPro website. How much memory? A 32GB card will capture up to 3 hours of video. A Sandisk Extreme 32GB should be sufficient, while a 64GB would be nice.



Set your connections: Pair up your GoPro’s Wi-Fi connection with the camera’s remote and your smartphone app. Setting up the Wi-Fi is a bit tricky; pay close attention to the instructions.

Tip: Changing your password is most easily done via the GoPro app. (Older GoPros may require logging into the website to do so.)

Your GoPro should now be ready so you can shoot and share.



When you start to experiment with GoPro mounts, you may discover perspectives that have never been seen before. That's the goal. Don't be afraid to get creative. There's always a way to capture the shot you want.


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This can seem hard at first, but it's pretty simple. Remember, aspect ratio and video resolution go hand in hand. We recommend choosing your aspect ratio first, then select from the resolutions that produce that aspect ratio. When deciding on a resolution, another important question is: How will you view and share the content you capture?



  •           Make sure the software is current to avoid bugginess. It is a tech gadget after all.
  •           Start to record your simple video to get used to setting and review directly on computer





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