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Ever since then our team has been into the best underwater scenery around Indonesia and rafting beautiful and wild rivers in Java and Sumatera and offering the same experience to people from all over the world. Over time TEBEJOWO has expanded, creating vast improvements and opportunities for customers to get a true sense of what Wild Indonesia has to offer.

Our primary aim is to offer people a small group experience that delivers a comfortable environment and an unforgettable adventure in Indonesia. We are committed to making our guest from small group to a large corporate more than just a vacation. We are confident that if you decide to choose us as your guide, you will go home with a story worth telling.

We are about enriching your life through exploration, fun and education,.

You will find that group travel with us is a truly unique experience. The opportunity to share your journey in an event with like-minded people is amazing, and the friendships we have built over the years will last a lifetime.

We also provide travel in a casual, laid back style that offers maximum freedom for our travelers to do exactly what they feel like.

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