Everyday, more and more people are willing to venture out of their comfort zones to travel. Whether itís a small trip with friends or a big round the world ďIím flying to AsiaĒ kind of trip, there is no doubt that traveling can change you. Looking back, we can see how much traveling has changed us, and how we have also changed the way we travel.alt

Nowadays, we are a lot more conscious about HOW we travel and WHAT we promote. Why? Well the fact that youíre reading this post says it all. As traveler, we get to influence people based on our recommendations and the things that we do, which is why we have made a commitment to support sustainable tourism.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Now I know what youíre thinking. What is sustainable tourism and why is it so important? Sustainable tourism is a word that although is being used more and more, people still donít know what it means.

Are you conscious about how these tours that you go on affect the locals living in the community and the environment around you? Are you aware of the environmental footprint that you make?

  • Involve locals teenager with special expertise to work with us in each our destinations
  • Buy fresh fishes from direct local fisherman to be served for our guest
  • Eager to introduce conservation efforts in coordination with local goverment
  • Open new destination by helping local community to spread information and marketing tools

Sustainable Tourism means:

  • Taking the time to research the company you are touring with
  • Ensure to prevent specific activity affects the environment
  • Making an effort to respect local culture
  • Support local industries to help build their economy

Why is Sustainable Tourism Important:

Every day, we constantly in awe of the beauty and wild Indonesia is. Each experience brings us to a deeper understanding of the world and culture of different people. Every place that we have been too has been amazingly unique and the thought of these places being ruined by mass tourism and overdevelopment saddens us. Preventing tours that only exploit locals and have grave impact on the environment make us aware. So through the awareness of what we do, we have made a commitment to focus on promoting sustainable and responsible tourism, not just for us but for the future generation as well.


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